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Reusable Jamb Protectors

Pro Tect Jamb Protectors

The better door jamb protectors, save time and money on your next construction job with quality jamb protector.

  • Preformed snap-on sections are rigid and durable, offering heavy duty protection for wood or steel door jambs and window sills - perfect for all heavy volume temporary uses.
  • Prevents damage to vulnerable door jambs and trim on the work site.
  • Guard against gouges, nicks and scratches during construction.
  • Made of heavy duty plastic.
  • Completely reusable.
  • Excellent for protecting window sills and jambs while loading drywall.
  • Will fit jambs 4.5” to 9” widths

Product Size and Packaging Options

SKU - Product Name Price Update
FPB-1 - (one) Jamb FPB jamb protector $6.25
FPB60-50 Case of FPB Jamb Protectors $294.00
JP2-069 - Set of 2 Jamb Protectors $35.00
JP4-069 - Set of 4 Jamb Protectors $70.00

Featured Products

JP2-069 - Set of 2 Jamb Protectors

JP2-069 - Set of 2 Jamb Protectors

4.5" x 9" (wide) x 3.25" (deep) @ 69"(height) Jamb Protectors. Set of 2.