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Carpet Protection Products

"Discount or no discount, I will only buy

your Carpet Proteciton.   Cost vs Value,

with Pro Tect I get both."

Over 20 years our film as proven itself as the best.


Quality is our number one goal when it comes to our films, Pro Tect guarantees 100% satisfaction. 

Please scroll down and click on the Carpet Protection link to get detailed information, prices and video instruction.

If it doesn't "stick", then you paid too much!!!!

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Floor Protection

Floor Protection is a very important part of any job site.  Whether you are remodeling, building a new home or a Do-It-Yourself-er.  The right Floor Protection can be the difference between getting the job done fast, under budget or having to go back and replace or repair your floors.

Below are Pro Tect's various types of Floor Protection.  Hardwood Floors (Pro Tect Runner), Hardwood Stair Protection (Finished Floor Guard), protection for marble, tiles, vinyl, finished and unfinished concrete, you name it, Pro Tect has the right Floor Protection for you.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our site and don't hesitate to call us at                    1-866-776-2481 if you need more information or have any questions.



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Surface Protection

Surface Protection Products:

Surface Protection Products will help you save time and money.  Window Protection, Tub Protection, Dust Control, what ever your needs are you will find the right protection on this page.  Surface Protection has become an important part of the every day job site.  Make Pro Tect your Surface Protection go-to and let us show you what quality products are all about. 

Below are Pro Tect's various Surface Protection Products.  Simply toggle down and see the different products you can use to Pro Tect your surfaces during construction and remodeling.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at our products.  Please don't hesitate to call us at      1-866-776-2481 with any questions or suggestions you might have.



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Back by Popular Demand:  Pro Tect WreckWrap

temporary weather barrier

When you need to seal an opening on your vehicle Wreck Wrap is fast and cost efficient.  This temporary weather barrier helps to protect your vehicle openings from weather and over-spray.  Whether you are in the shop or storing it outside, Wreck Warp is the way to go. 

Cracked windshields, sprung doors and broken windows can cause you un-needed headaches.  Using this self-adhering, 2 mil., water-based film will help you wrap any vehicle that has been in a collision.  Rain, wind, dirt, etc. inside or outside Pro Tect's Wreck Wrap will save you money.

WreckWrap is a self adhering collision film, used as a temporary weather barrier used to cover glass, painted metal and plastic surfaces or any open surface that needs to be protected.  Need to move a vehicle that has been in a crash-wrap it with WreckWrap.

What makes our collision wrap film different from our competitors?  20 years of surface protection experience.

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Special Offer

Hello, thanks for visiting out specials page. 

We have eveyday specials that are listed below:

6 or more of the same item, we will take 5% off the order.

$1,500 or more we will take 10% off your order.

$4,500 or more we will take 15% off and cover the shipping cost.

We are working on fixing the website to automatically apply these specials but for now we will apply the special at the time of billing. 

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