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Carpet Protection Products

"Discount or no discount, I will only buy

your Carpet Proteciton.   Cost vs Value,

with Pro Tect I get both."

Over 20 years our film as proven itself as the best.


Quality is our number one goal when it comes to our films, Pro Tect guarantees 100% satisfaction. 

Please scroll down and click on the Carpet Protection link to get detailed information, prices and video instruction.

If it doesn't "stick", then you paid too much!!!!

Products in this category:

Carpet Protection Film

Carpet Protection

  • 100% quality guaranteed 
  • MADE IN AMERICA (not boxed, not mostly, 100% made in the USA)
  • 10 different sizes of Carpet Protection Film
  • water-based adhesive
  • Reverse wound for easy installation
  • leave in place for 45 days
  • 20 years of experience, buy your Carpet Film from the best

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Carpet Protection Film Dispenser

Carpet Protection Film Dispenser:

  • Cuts install time of carpet film in half
  • Multi-size carpet film dispensers: 24",30" & 36" or 36", 48" & 60"
  • Fits the 200' roll and the 500' roll
  • Stair protection made easy- check out our video
  • Click to see install video: how to use Carpet Film down stairs with dispenser.

Please click on Carpet Protection section to get pricing and sizing for Carpet Film Dispenser

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