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Lead RRP Products

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RRP Lead Test Kit

Instant Lead Testing Swabs (8 pack kit by Lead Check)

  • The EPA recognizes that, when used by a certified renovator, the LeadCheck(R) lead test kit can reliably determine that regulated lead-based paint is not present on all surfaces, except plaster and drywall.
  • 8 swabs per package
  • If it turns red, there's lead, simple instruction included with each kit. Crush, Shake and Swab

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RRP Lead Caution Tape 3" x 1000'

Danger Lead Hazard Work Area Keep Out

Restrict access and protect abatement area.

No Smoking, Eating or Drinking

3" x 1000' 2 mil poly-film

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Pullman-Holt Model 45HEPA Vacuum 10 Gallon

  • 2HP by-pass motor
  • 105" waterlift, 110CFM
  • Designed to work in congested, tight areas
  • Individually tested and certified HEPA filter assembly
  • Available in either Dry or Wet/Dry
  • Quiet design keeps noise level minimal

4 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 12 Gallon available. Prefer a different brand contact us we can get what you need.

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RRP Yellow Caution Tape

Pro Tect Yellow Caution Tape:

Restrict access and protect abatement area.

Designed to protect and identify above ground hazardous areas or elements such as construction sites and work areas. 2 mil. barricade tape will withstand tough environments.

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RRP Lead Yellow Paper Caution Signs

Lead Yellow Caution Sign, Paper Signs

No maintenance, simply Post it, be compliant, and when your done dispose of it.

Comes in 25, 50 and 100 packs.

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RRP Plastic Sheeting

Protective Plastic Sheeting for all types of applications. 

SB Compliance Guide page 11 states when removing lead:

(B) Close and cover all duct opening in the work area with taped-down plastic sheeting.
(C) Close windows and doors in the work area. Doors must be covered with plastic sheeting.
(D) Cover the floor surface with taped-down plastic sheeting in the work area a minimum of six feet beyond the perimeter of surfaces undergoing renovation or a sufficient distance to contain the
dust, whichever is greater

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RRP Carpet Protector

The Better Carpet Protection Film.

  • Carpet protection film can be left in place for up to 45 days on all grades of carpet.
  • Self-adhering clear poly-film plastic protects against damage from spills, dirt, foot traffic.
  • Carpet protector is highly resistant to tears and punctures.
  • Reverse wound mask means easy installation.
  • Carpet protection uses water-based adhesive, safe for use on all grades of carpet.
  • Nine construction and builder-friendly size

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Blue Plastic Shoe Booties

Disposable Shoe Booties: 

3 mil, Blue Plastic shoe covers and 9 mil, Blue Plastic shoe covers

Both types fit up to a 15 size work boot.  Don't bring your job home, protect your shoes.  We only carry plastic shoe booties that if you spill nothing will soak through.  Flip that around and if you have a wet shoe, nothing will soak through the bootie onto the surface.

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EZ Prop Poles

Pro Tect EZ Prop Poles

Pro Tect EZ Prop Poles are made of steel and hold up to 170 pounds.  Perfect for sealing off rooms and creating temporary dust control partitions and enclosures.  You can use them to hold up your drywall, building construction sheeting, cabinets, stairs, decorative box-beams, cornice molding and most anything you need an extra hand to hold.

Spread warped jambs or lift a door header jamb while it's being reset.

Comes in pairs, either 10' or 16' heights.

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Latex Free Gloves

Pro Tect Latex and Powder Free Gloves

Need to keep your hands clean but work gloves are in the way?  Pro Tect Latex and Powder Free Gloves are perfect for the job.  Each glove is textured for a secure grip.

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Extended Life Tape (painters tape)

Pro Tect Extended Life Tape can be left on any surface up to 14 days without worrying about leaving adhesive residue or pulling up the finish. It is excellent for masking door hardware, light fixtures, baseboards, glass, trim and other finished surfaces.

Always test product for suitability.

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RRP Lead Removal Dust Mask

N100 Dust Mask, meets Class 1 removal requirements

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Pro Tect Ductape Not all ductape is created equal!

  • Heavy duty contractor grade ductape designed with 10 times the shear strength and holding power of industry standard ductape.
  • Adheres poly to walls securely and leaves no residue upon removal.
  • Works great in tight spaces.
  • Water and tear resistant, this product far surpasses the performance characteristics of other brands on the market.

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Duct Wrap

PRO TECT DUCT Wrap prevents construction dust and debris from entering the ductwork system and significantly reduces cleaning costs. This clear, self-adhering protective film has a high tack water-based adhesive, with anti-bacteria agent, suitable for all types of duct work and will not leave a residue on the metal after removal. The high quality polyethylene is highly resistant to tears or punctures. Satisfy SMACNA guidelines during construction by providing temporary closures on open ductwork.

Pro Tect Duct Wrap MSDS

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Job Site Central

Job Site Central is a must.  This ALL-IN-ONE Job Central is made of construction grade vinyl.  Has storage pockets to help you keep your records in order on the job-site.  Each Job Central comes with:

  • Caution sign
  • White Board
  • red and black marker
  • eraser
  • E.P.A Pre-renovation form
  • waterproof clear folder to keep your records safe



On any RRP Site your documentation, your paper work, your records, must be available, now you can keep them in one place. 


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