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Surface protection is crucial in any home project.

Surface Protection

Surface Protection Products:

Surface Protection Products will help you save time and money.  Window Protection, Tub Protection, Dust Control, what ever your needs are you will find the right protection on this page.  Surface Protection has become an important part of the every day job site.  Make Pro Tect your Surface Protection go-to and let us show you what quality products are all about. 

Below are Pro Tect's various Surface Protection Products.  Simply toggle down and see the different products you can use to Pro Tect your surfaces during construction and remodeling.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at our products.  Please don't hesitate to call us at      1-866-776-2481 with any questions or suggestions you might have.



Products in this category:

Door Jamb Protectors

Surface Protection Jamb Protectors:

  • 2 kinds:  Heavy Duty Plastic (JP) or Hard Cardboard (FPB)
  • both are re-usable
  • Protects Jambs from 4.5' to 7.5"
  • Prevents damage to vulnerable door jambs on work site
  • Guard against gauges, nicks and scratches
  • Cut them down and protect window sills while loading drywall 

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Tub Protection Liquid Mask

Surface Protection Tub Protection:

  • Tub Protection that can stay on the length of the job
  • 1 gallon covers 2- 5 foot tubs, also comes in 5 gallon
  • Water-based product that dries to form a latex coating over your tubs and shower basin
  • Protect tubs, showers, whirlpools from bumps, scratches and burns
  • Installation video on product page, click on picture

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Blue Shoe Booties

Surface Protection Shoe Booties:

  • 3 mil. light weight or 9 mil. Diamond Grip heavy duty 
  • Shoe booties help prevent scuffs, heel marks and foot traffic dirt at the source.
  • Slip resistant shoe cover
  • Made of plastic to help prevent water from boot soaking through onto the floor.
  • Shoe Booties fit up to size 15
  • Cloth Booties won't hold the water from a wet shoe, plastic booties will

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Construction Zip up zippers

Surface Protection Zip-up Construction Zipper

  • Pro Tect Zip-Up is the easiest and most economical way to provide a temporary entry and exit
  • Double-side zipper attaches permanently to your plastic sheeting, allowing you to create any size or shape entry
  • The best all-weather entry/exit system for sites that need protection against unwanted dust, dirt and heat loss

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45 day window protection film

 Surface Protection 45 Day Window Film:

  • 2 mil. self-adhering poly that stays in place to protect your windows.
  • Guards window frames and glass from over-spray, mortar stains, muriatic acid, etc.
  • Clear film allows light in, making it easier to work in room while protecting your windows.
  • Safe to leave on surfaces for up to 45 days, indoor or outdoor.

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180 day window protection film

Surface Protection 180 day Window Film:

  • 2 mil. self-adhering poly provides 180 days of protection.
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 1', 2' and 3' all by 500' in length.
  • Gaurd against over-spray, masonry mortar and most solvents.
  • Multi-use, can be used to protect most factory finished surface.

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Pro Tect Window Film Dispenser

Surface Protection Window Dispenser:  Multi Size

Pro Tect Window Dispenser holds the window film to your waste freeing up your hands for installation.  Fits 24" and 36" widths, 200' and 500' rolls

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Multi-Use Red Surface Protection

Pro Tect Multi Use Red Surface Protection:

  • 2-mil. polyethylene film with slip-resistant protection for almost any factory finished surface.
  • Protect finished surface from dirt, grime, and spills.
  • Excellent for protecting tile, vinyl, counter-tops, appliances, or any factory finished surface.
  • Protect floors from scuffs and abrasions.
  • Reverse wound for easy application.
  • 5 convenient builder sizes.

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EZ Prop Dust Poles

Surface Protection EZ Prop Poles:

  • EZ Prop Poles are the perfect multi-use, temporary dust control system
  • Poles are made of steel and holds up to 170 pounds
  • Designed to help control dust on site, but can be used for many other things
  • Reaches from 5' 7" to 10' 1" or 6' to 16' 1"
  • Create temporary dust control partitions and enclosures

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EZ Prop Utility Bars

Surface Protection Utility Bars:

  • Add safety and stability
  • Safety Bar to keep traffic from accidentally entering work area
  • Usa as a stabilizer bar to add strength to your temporary partition
  • Use at the top or bottom of your partition to help make air tight seal

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6mil Blue Pro Tect Tape

Surface Protection 6 mil. Blue Pro Tect Tape:

  • UV-treated tough-skin 6-mil. poly-vinyl tape that will stand up to traffic, dirt and also help prevent water damage
  • Excellent protection for door thresholds, trim, hardware, fixtures and glass to prevent needless scratches, and abrasions
  • Stays in place yet removes easily without leaving an adhesive residue
  • Can leave down up to 6 months

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7 mil. Red UV Pro Tect Tape

Surface Protection 7 mil. UV Red Tape:

  • Designed for masking windows and doors
  • Bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures, with excellent low temperature bond.
  • Its tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistant.
  • UV resistance makes tape suitable for outdoor applications allowing for clean removal.
  • It is highly conformable, waterproof and resistant to chemical deterioration.
  • Backing has been stabilized to resist the effects of UV exposure

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Painters Tape

Surface Protection Extended Life Tape: Painters Tape

  • A must have on any job site
  • Can be left on surface for up to 14 days without worrying about leaving a residue
  • Excellent for masking door hardware, light fixtures, baseboards, glass, etc.
  • Always test product for suitability.

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Surface Protection Ductape:

  • Heavy duty contractor grade ductape designed with 10 times the shear strength and holding power of industry standard ductape.
  • Adheres poly to walls securely and leaves no residue upon removal.
  • Works great in tight spaces.
  • Water and tear resistant, this product far surpasses the performance characteristics of other brands on the market.

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Dust Door

Surface Protection Dust Door:

  • RRP approved
  • Re-usable, heavy duty industrial grade vinyl dust door
  • Can be fastened to an existing door or opening
  • Look professional and become dust free

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Door Protection

Surface Protection 1-2-3 Door:

  • Double-ply corrugated board with anti-abrasion inner liner
  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Simply drape and center over top of door
  • Protects both sides of door
  • Allows door to be used, locked, during construction
  • re-usable
  • fits 3' x 6'-8" and 3' x 7' doors

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Clip and Snap Blue

Surface Protection Clip & Snap Blue:

  • Hang poly from any commercial drop ceiling
  • Snap Blue clip to "t-bar" push poly onto pin, attach stopper
  • The fastest and easiest way to put up a partition
  • Stop dust from spreading to other sections of the job

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Clip and Snap Red

Surface Protection Clip & Snap Red:

  • Red Clip & Snap allow you to hang poly from any building component
  • Comes with 10" releasable tie that attaches to poles, bars & scaffolding
  • Ceiling not in yet, no worries, the Red Snap & Clip will allow you to partition off the job
  • Stop dust from spreading to other sections of the job-site

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Corner Guards

Surface Protection Corner Guards:

  • Temporary protection for corners that keep getting damage during remodeling or construction
  • Pro Tect Corner Guards are the perfect re-usable solution for protecting 90 degree corners on the job
  • Pro Tect furniture, walls and counter-tops edges
  • Made of heavy duty cardboard

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Rail Boot System

Surface Protection Safety Rail Boot:

  • Temporary guardrail system for stairways, walkways, balconies and roofs
  • OSHA-compliant
  • Most cost effective solution for temporary guardrails on the market
  • Made from high-impact polymer with built in flanges for toe-boards

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Pro Vent Dust Control

Surface Protection ProVent:

  • Keep dirt, dust and debris from entering your duct work
  • Re-usable
  • Fits over rough-in duct work
  • Allows you to run heat or air while working
  • Clean after use, store for next job.

Like the ProVent?  Get your logo and company information printed right on the vent.  Call for details: 1-800-545-0826

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Duct Wrap

Pro Tect Duct Wrap:

  • 24" and 36" width by 200'
  • Prevents construction dust and debris from entering duct work
  • Water-based adhesive, with anti-bacteria agent
  • Suitable for all types of duct work
  • Wont leave residue and resistant to tears and punctures
  • Satisfy SMACNA guidelines during construction

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Dust Masks

Surface Protection Dust Mask:

  • Two kinds, N95 and N100 (which are RRP approved)
  • A properly selected respirator is essential to protect your health.
  • Every job is dirty, let the Pro Tect Dust Mask help protect you.
  • Metal nose-piece for better fit.
  • Use only in accordance with instructions, labels and limitations relating to this product.

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Safety Vests

Surface Protection Safety Vests:

  • RADNOR Orange Mesh Lightweight Mesh Vest
  • ANSI Class 2
  • front hook and loop closure (no zipper)
  • 2 - 3M Scotchlite Reflective Stripes
  • ANSI Class 2
  • Horizontal and vertical stripes for excellent visibility
  • High-via Yellow color stands out for better visibility

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V-Guard Safety Hats

Surface Protection V-Guard Safety Hat:

  • Superior protection with one-piece injection molded shell
  • Four point suspension FAS-TRAC (ratchet), one piece plastic UniPro
  • UniPro is an energy-absorbing four-point suspension with an integral sweatband
  • Nape strap sits low on back of head for added comfort and a more secure fit

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Surface Protection fire retardent Plastic:

  • 6 mil. white polyethylene plastic
  • 20' x 100'
  • When the job calls for fire retardant plastic, we got it

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Extension Cords

Surface Protection Contractor Extension Cord:

  • 12G, 15 amp with U-ground, single tap
  • Contractor grade
  • Weather & Flame resistant
  • Flexible from -40 to 140 f.
  • Power-check indicator light
  • Other colors available for special order
  • Custom print (company name) on orders of 100 or greater

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Latex Powder Free Gloves

Surface Protection Powder-Free & Latex-Free Gloves:

  • Need to keep your hands clean but gloves are in the way - PRO TECT Latex-free Gloves are the perfect solution.
  • Perfect for jobs that require greater dexterity.
  • Powder-free to reduce powder-related complications and textured for a secure grip.


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Surface Protection Locator

 The Locator

  • Minimize Risk:  A Locator provides an extra layer of protection to sensitive areas within a wall
  • Loss Prevention:  Elimination of accidental punctures saves money, time and aggravation
  • Assurance:  Be confident that with a Locator your home will be damage free of accidental punctures
  • Quality/Value:  Using the Locator conveys an image of quality.  With its minimal cost and maximum protection the value is priceless.

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