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Shoe Booties

Shoe Booties NOT your old cloth boot covers, these are new and improved!
  • Shoe booties help prevent scuffs, heel marks and foot traffic dirt at the source.
  • Slip resistant shoe cover.
  • Made of plastic to help prevent water from boot soaking through onto the floor.
  • One cover size fits all, fits over shoes and work boots to protect carpet, hard surface floors and other walking areas.
  • Using a cloth shoe bootie to protect your surfaces from water - it doesn’t make sense - use Pro Tect boot covers.

Product Size and Packaging Options

SKU - Product Name Price Update
PBLW-050 Plastic Shoe Booties - 50 pair $14.00
PBLW-100 Plastic Shoe Booties - 100 pair $25.00
Plastic Shoe Booties - 25 pair $7.50