20 Mil. Water Resistant (WR) Hardboard ProTect® 36" x 100'

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NEW Hardboard-WR: 20 mil thick
  • Water resistant up to 72 hours.
  • 100% recycled.
  • Floor protection for concrete, countertops, marble, tile, hardwood, etc.
NEW 20 Mil. HARDBOARD- Water resistant, re-usable, temporary floor protection that can be used to protect the wood, tile, marble, finished or unfinished concrete, countertops; any hard surface area. This floor protection is a heavy-duty, 20 mil thick flexible board that comes in 36” x 100’ foot rolls, lays flat and can take a beating. When you need floor protection Pro Tect's 20 Mil. Hardboard is the way to go. Use Pro Tect's Hardboard-WR seam tape when you need to cover large area. Save time, save money, protect your hard surfaces with HARDBOARD-WR.
Weight 40.0000
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