Facts You Should Know about Hardwood Floor and Stair Protection

If a hardwood floor and stairs are regularly stepped by family members and guests, how long can you capture the glow of the floor or stairs? The polished floor will soon lose its glamour and shine. On the other hand, the construction site will immediately be damaged due to its chunks of concrete, metallic channels, bricks, and many other foreign elements.

For both reasons, every homeowner needs to use hardwood floors and Stair Protectors. Only the protectors can keep the floors and stairs as good as a new ones. You can enjoy the astatic beauty of the room without any deterioration.

What are stair and floor protectors?

Stair and floor protectors are prepared for the protection of floors or stairs to keep them as they are. Usually, specially prepared polythene or plastic sheets with different thickness has been used. Sometimes, extra thick floor covering materials, tacky mats, poly craft masks, CP boards, traffic guards, etc. have been used vastly. Depending on the thickness, they are named likewise.

Depending on the thickness, their purpose of them has been selected. If you want to use them for regular protection of floors and stairs, you can use a finished floor guard. You can use them on the stairs as well. There is no such difference in installing them on both floors and stairs.

How to select the thickness of sheets

You can easily understand that the thickness prevents extra pressure on it. So, floor runners and finished floor guards can be used for protecting the floors and stairs. Usually, they have self-adhesive features. The latex-based floor protection is good for the floor. As soon as you spread on the floors or the stairs, they will stay likewise. You need not use extra tape or extra adhesive. They are non-slippery and fire-rated too.

Traffic guard coating is also the best protection when traffic on the floors or stairs is high. They can be up to 25 mil thickness. Therefore, the floors of a company, factory, business houses as well as residential house floors can be nicely protected. The most surprising fact is that all these protecting materials are fire rated. Fire cannot ignite these floor guard materials and sheeting solutions. These are highly in use for covering up cooktops, walls, and columns. They are durable too. The most amazing fact is that these sheets have non-slip structures on them. So, during the faster movement over it, nobody will slip and fall. 

They are used where heavy traffic is predicted every day. You can use it without any fear of damaging the floor during the construction job is going on. These are not suitable for stairs. They are very much suitable for protecting the floors and entrances. However, you can use it for floor protection by resizing it according to the demands of the floors. Just peel off the adhesive shield, make it upside down, and use it on the mats where you want to set it. When the mats are dirty, just remove them by peeling them from the mats. It protects the dust, water, and dirt accumulation on floors, carpets, and stairs. They are breathable but waterproof.

  • CP board floor and wall protector

These are ultra-thick. They look like cardboard or corrugated boards. Once installed on floors, there is no fear of construction damage. Whatever heavy and sharp material falls on it, the board will remain intact. The floor will not experience any damage after long and difficult construction goes on.    

They are chemically non-reactive, and there are no pH factors. Due to its extremely durable feature, scissor lift and forklifts can go over it without any deterioration. You can protect walls from getting damaged on a construction site.

  • Decide as per your requirement

You have to take the decision of where you want to install it and how heavy the damaging effect will act on your floors or stairs. You know floor runners, finished floor guards, traffic guards, etc. are good for floors and stairs for their simple to durable protection. Tacky mats and CP boards are extremely durable protection for them.

You know your requirement and the damaging effect of the stairs and floors. Choose the floor guard as per your demand. If you want to study more about all these protection measures, you can visit, ProTect®. There, you will get video explanations and installation descriptions. Choose your Hardwood Floor Protector from there and experience the best.