How to Protect 7 Surfaces during House Renovation

When people start a project of house renovation, some of the areas are not brought under remodeling. But, if you do not protect those areas, dust, dirt, foot traffic, and other broken concrete may damage the surface of floors, staircases, windows, doors, pillars, walls, and many other areas. So, those areas will have to bring under protection by installing Surface Protector Sheets and coatings.

Installing a wide variety of surface protective materials such as door frames, floor, and carpet protecting coating, waterproof coating, doorstep protecting sheets, tacky mats, thick and waterproof materials, and more can be used as protecting some unsafe areas.

6 unsafe and unprotected areas are now in discussion to bring them under protection.

  1. Floors

This is the first and foremost area that must be brought under protection. If the crew just passes out, it might show some marks of scratches. Floors are the area where scratches, dents, dust, and dirt may stain fast. If the masons are working in a place where hard substances are essential to break and they may fall on specific areas of your floor. So, you can use a corrugated plastic board or tacky mats to protect the area.

Most of the surface-protecting materials are made of waterproofing and impact-proofing technology. Besides, the floors will be protected from paint spills and any marks created by the renovation work. 

  1. Staircase

The staircase is another place that gets stepped much when any renovation goes on to any place of a house. May equipment, sacks of cement, stones, sand, tiles, and many other items are essential to carry upwards and bring downwards. The squeaky boots, sand, and other ingredients may make the entire floor, carpet, and staircase sandy. It may get scratched very soon after some movement over it. Wooden floors and staircase gets affected much. If it is made of mosaic or asphalt-made staircase, it will be affected severely. After protecting with special protecting sheets, the staircase will also be prevented from paint spills.

  1. Carpet Protection

The carpet ingresses much dirt, dust, and sand. If any place of your house comes under renovation or remodelling, the entire surroundings will be affected by all the dust, sand, and many other things. So, how will you protect the carpet? There are a lot of ways to protect it. You can install carpet-protecting sheets that are water and dust-proof. Your carpet will remain safe and protected from all dirt, dust, and paint spills.

  1. Entrance and doorsteps

Of the heavy traffic through the entrance and doorsteps, they become damaged. The treading, dirt and dust infestation, water damage, stepping damage, etc. happen to the entrance. Only the doorstep prevention materials may create a shield from all of them. These protecting coatings are always made of waterproof coating with water-based adhesive. It facilitates the removal of the doorstep protecting the coating easily without making any mark on it.

To protect the entrance from heavy stepping, surface-protecting experts suggest utilizing tacky mats. These mats are essential to protect industrial floors where heavy-weight materials move every day.

  1. Countertops

Counters tops are the most important place where the damaging effect comes first during the renovation. If you want to get it protected, you can use special surface protection material and sheets to save the damaged of counter tops. Damage to countertops will cost a lot to renovate. 

  1. Bathtubs and sink

Bathtubs and sinks are also vital pales that get damaged if chunks of debris fall on it. The stone chips, broken tiles, and chunks of concrete may also damage the bathtubs and skins very much. You can get them protected by applying a liquid mask made with an improved silicone coating. After the work is over, you can easily remove the protective coating from the tubs and sink. After applying or spraying the liquid mask, the coating gets dried and forms a protective layer. Thus, you can ensure sink and Tub Protector with a liquid mask.

  1. Pillars, doors, and windows

Pillars, windows, and doors are also subject to damage and deterioration during the renovation work going on. You can protect them by applying specific types of surface-protecting materials and curtains.

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