Temporary Floor Protection, success it right

Temporary floor protection is frequently overlooked or overlooked. Because this has become a more common source of post-installation issues and questions, it's vital to examine this aspect of the flooring installation process more closely.

In an ideal scenario, Flooring should be the final major item installed on site. While this would be ideal, the difficulties of building work programming often sabotage such excellent intentions. If you're doing your remodeling, Pro-Tect products for floor and carpet protection are strongly recommended.

Why do we need it?

Installing a decorative floor covering, whether resilient or textile, while building work is in process in the same area is in theory not acceptable from the viewpoint of the manufacturer. Protection for that effectively makes the solution almost fit the problem.

To remove any scrap material and garbage, as well as any traces of adhesive residues from the floor and skirting, a completed installation should be washed or vacuumed. Other trades frequently continue to work in or over newly installed flooring, necessitating the use of a suitable temporary floor protection product on top.

Advantages of temporary floor protection

Save on post-installation remedial work or replacement

During any type of construction project, floors are at their most vulnerable. No matter how filthy the task is, the right floor protection products will help to safeguard.

Save on cleaning-up time and cost

Cleaning is an important aspect of every construction project, and the less cleaning that needs to be done, the faster the job gets done. Cleaning up construction sites is easier with temporary floor covering since the materials help to keep debris and dust from clinging to the surfaces.

How to pick the Right Type of Protection

There are several types of temporary protection available, and a product that is suitable for the job should be chosen after considering the following factors:

  • The site's traffic and circumstances
  • The area that needs to be safeguarded
  • The amount of time a surface needs to be protected before being handed off.
  • The required level of security

As always, suppliers should be consulted for advice on material selection.

Smooth resilient floors

A product that provides impact protection is required for smooth resilient floors. Twin-wall/polypropylene board and hardboard are two product possibilities. Sheets of twin-wall/twin-fluted polypropylene board are available, with the twin-wall composition providing impact protection. Hardboard is also available in sheet form, with enhanced resistance against scuffs, scratches, and impact. Hardboard and polyethylene board can both be recycled. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier to inform customers about the advantages of their technology as well as any potential environmental consequences.

Textile Flooring

Impact resistance is less of a concern for textile flooring than dust protection. Polythene with an adhesive backing, also known as "tacky back," is a popular choice. This substance is easily rolled out and adheres to the pile surface of the carpet. During the construction period, the tacky back will keep the product in place. The material just comes off cleanly after use, leaving no residue. Alternatively, a loose-fitting sheet, such as polypropylene or polyethylene sheeting, can be employed. After that, tapes or an appropriate dry-fix procedure can be used to secure it in place. When protecting textile products with protective sheeting, make sure all edges are sealed to prevent building debris and dust from getting underneath the sheet and resting on the surface pile.

Ensure a flawless floor

Various suppliers offer floor protection goods, and they can advise you on the best type of choice. They can make a big difference in ensuring that the wonderful floor you built stays that way before you use it or hand it over.

Have you chosen the best flooring protection for your needs? Please take a look at our Flooring Protection. If you require additional assistance, Pro-tect will assist you in selecting the appropriate flooring protection products.

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