Why Temporary Floor Protection Is Essential

Floor protection makes a floor long-lasting. It protects the floor from damages caused for heavy traffic, construction projects, water damage, and many more. Apart from all these, you will get protection from renovation or reconstruction-related floor damage as well.  When someone relocates, the floor and stairs have to tolerate huge traffic. There is a risk of getting damaged. The edges of the staircase, its guardrails, and the floor may suffer from various tortures to get damaged. A specific temporary floor protector helps you a lot to safeguard all these situations.

What if the floor is not protected?

One of the costly affairs of a house is floor preparation, either it is an epoxy floor, wooden or asphalt-installed floor. They cost a great amount. If the floor gets cracked or roughly scratched, it will create a severe effect on the renovation budget. Maybe it is nominal for you. Would you like to damage your finished floor for the cause of simple other work? When the issue does gets solved with a meager amount?

Moreover, when the renovation of a house goes on, how long would you keep your attention on the floor? The speed of the work will be slowed down. Hence, the overall cost will be increased. Who knows chunks of concrete will not fall on the floor, and the wooden floor gets damaged? You cannot guess anymore that the spill of paint will not fall on the sophisticated wooden floor? The entire investment in floor finishing will be damaged in a moment. While painting the wall or ceiling, it may spread drops of paint on the pillars of the house. Therefore, they might get stained with a single effort of painting.

That is why floor protection is highly essential while any construction or renovation work goes on.

What are the floor protectors?

The material that protects the floor from getting damaged is simply named floor protector. It protects against heavy traffic, construction damage, renovation disrupts, paint- spills, water damage, and industrial heavy traffic-related damages. If you have a carpet on the floor, it is also the savior of damaging floors from construction damage. However, the life of the carpet will be finished.

That is why modern science has invented ultra-modern floor coating that helps save various kinds of damage to the floor.

Types of floor coating

There are various kinds of floor coatings and curtains available in the modern market. You can also get a carpet protecting sheet today to protect the high-traffic areas and construction ground.

Let’s know some of the variations that you may need:

At the same time, you will get a floor protector cum carpet protection coating with Carpet Protection Sheet with Dispenser.

Carpet Protection Films

Carpet protection films are highly used in some areas where people move on carpets highly. The entrance passage of all houses, the entrance and waiting room of a corporate house, commercial places, etc. have high traffic on the carpets. Then, this is the time to cover up the carpet. Apart from heavy traffic areas, it can also protect the carpet in a renovation field. The carpet is available in breathable and non-breathable formats. However, most people like to use breathable carpet protection to get odor-free carpets.

The glue is water-based. Therefore, you can easily protect the carpet without damaging the quality of the rugs. These are made with reverse-wound functionality. It helps install easily. The maximum usable time is six weeks. 

Floor Protectors with Different Features

You have noticed that a lot of variations are available in the collections floor protecting sheets. However, all of the variants are made in America.

Protective Coating  

Protective coatings come in glued and non-glued formats. They are used depending on the place and requirement. Some of the protective coating and sheets are waterproof, and the others are breathable.

When you need to use it for protecting the constriction floor, you can use a waterproof coating. Then, it will help not to pass any liquid materials into the floor. Today, the coating sheets are made from 100% recycled plastic like pet bottles. Besides, they will mix with the soil easily.

Protective mats/ board

This coating is thicker than the coating sheet or films. Depending on the thickness you require, you can install mats or hardboard-type floor protections. These mats and protecting shields are used in such a way that they can protect the heavily trafficked floors, stairs as well as construction floors.

WR Hardboard

WR denotes water resistant feature. You will get water-resistant hardboard protection for heavily trafficked passage areas as well as the construction field. They are thicker than average polycarbonate thin sheets. They are usually 44 mil thick and can protect for more than 72 hours from water inclusion.

CP Board Protection

CP Board is a chemically treated polycarbonate board. These are now available with the FIRE RATED feature which prevents ignition and reaction with the contact of fire. Therefore, these boards are highly essential for heavily trafficked areas, industrial and manufacturing floors, and construction grounds. They are the ultimate savior of the floor. On installations, heavy weight can also not hurt the floor a little.

Hardwood floor and stair protection

Finished floors are the asset of a house. People can install asphalt or any other type of floor. But, they install solid wood floors to show superiority, style, and aristocracy. Hence, you need to protect them. Otherwise, its shine will be demolished in a few days. So, floor and stair-protecting shields are highly essential.

Therefore, if you want to enhance the life of a floor of any type you should purchase and install a construction floor protector. You can visit the website of ProTect Associate Inc to choose your required protective shield.