Why Tub and Surface Protection is Essential

Imagine what happens to the bathroom when you are remodeling your bathroom, but need to protect the bathroom appliances. If a chunk of concrete falls from anywhere on the upper side of the bathtub, what happens then? There are a lot of ways to protect them. But the most effective way to save the bathtub is to coat it with tub-protecting liquid. This tub protector is made of synthetic material. It is a latex coating that will protect the tub and wash basins.

The bathtub is made of china clay or ceramic materials. China clay scatters into chips and scatters everywhere if something weighty falls on it. Ceramic clay stays longer than that and has the capability to protect the dashes of heavy stone chips, metallic channels, chunks of concrete, and more.

Why bathtub protection is essential?

The primary reason for bathtub protection is essential to its price. The bathtub, basin, closet, and other accessories of a bathroom are subject to damage and decay during the work in the bathroom. If they do not break for the time being, they will be affected by the scratches and marks of various things on them.

Everybody knows that bathtub protection is essential but protecting them is not so easy during the renovation. If you cover it with thick clothes, the bathtub might get affected. Polythene and cardboard may also be cracked for the effect of construction waste.

An average bathtub costs not less than $2,000, and a fashionable bathtub costs more than that. The quality and feature-enriched bathtubs are costly. You must not want to lose these bathtubs and other appliances damaged by some stone chips and concrete chunks.

What happens when remodeling goes on?

When remodeling goes on in a bathroom, you need to find some ways to protect them. The hard substances, the remodeling instrument, bricks, tiles, channels or metals, and other materials may dash with the bathtub or basin. Apart from all these substances, the construction paints, paint spills, plumbing materials, and tile installation parts, may make you alert for safety installations.

If you protect the tub with Tub Protector Liquid, it will work for the bathtub effectively. With the protection of 40 mils on the bathtub, you can also protect a bathtub from the damaging effect of renovation.

Choose the surface protection during renovation

Bathroom floors are usually made of costly tiles or hardwood. Some bathrooms are also made of costly materials like asphalt, granite, and other materials. Therefore, floor protection is also essential when the bathroom walls, backdrops, and ceilings are under renovation. Some renovation work may also go on lights. Removing the old lighting fittings, the new lighting fixtures are to install. On the other hand, when someone wants to paint the bathroom and its ceilings, the bathtub and floors must be protected. 

Bath floor protection ‘

When you are not remodeling floors and bathing accessories of the room, you have to consider protecting the bathroom floors as well as the accessories. If any of them are under renovation, the others need to protect. Suppose these two things are not under construction, you need to protect both. For floor protection, you can use a finished floor guard, floor runner, poly craft mask, tacky mats, and more. They are easy to spread and protect floors of any kind. Install the protective coating depending on the thickness and the probable effect that may fall on the floors.

If the floor is made of hardwood or hybrid wood, or engineered wood, you need to protect the floors with a waterproof protective coating. Discuss with the floor engineer about the material or coating it must use.

Tub and basin protection

To protect the tub and basin, you can install latex-made products. Now, modern science has invented liquid tub-protecting materials. You have to put it in a spray gun to spray on the tub. The pressure of the machines needs to keep at 2500psi. Then coat twice more. After the soaking of the first coating, you have to coat it two times for better protection. This must be of a thickness of 40 mils. After solidifying, the coating turns into latex. With latex, you can cover the entire tub of 5’ only for $49. You will get a tough latex coating that will protect the tub from paint spills as well as other broken particles falling on it.

How to remove them? You can remove them in a very simple way. After the completion of work, crack any point and pull out the latex coating easily.

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