Best Tips to Keep Carpets and Floors Protected When Moving

Moving can be extremely stressful which is most important to keep a checklist of everything you may need on moving day.

However, moving comes with it’s a lot of tasks. Whether you're moving for the first time or the tenth time or any more, there are a lot of things to consider.

While you may be caught up testing off your packing list, don't forget something that will create the moving process much more manageable — protecting your carpet and floors.

Whatever the type of floor, you don't want to worry about scraping it up while moving all your belongings.

Here are some ways you to protect carpet and floors when moving into a new home.

  1. Pack with safety in mind

You may wonder there how the home packing process can help you avoid costly damage to your floors. The answer is easy enough:

Wrap the edges and feet of tables and chairs with furniture blankets, so that protective measures will protect wooden floors if a furniture piece is dropped on them.

Use a high-quality cardboard box that won’t break under the weight of their content. Items being dropped into floors is one of the major causes of flooring damage while moving into a new home.

If you’ve decided to get your hands on free moving boxes to minimize the moving costs, as you should, make sure you select only strong containers with no previous damage of any kind.

Double tape the bottoms for all packing boxes for extra protection.

Never pack boxes beyond the sensible weight limit of about 20 pounds per box.

  1. Use Floor Protection Film

Another way of temporary floor protection during moving is floor protection film. This floor protection film is coated with a removable adhesive that stays strongly in place once it's down. It sticks edge to edge and also it gets rid of any creasing to exclude the tripping hazard. You can also leave floor protection film for up to 45 days for a clean removal that won't damage your floor.

While this film is the best example of how to protect floors at moving, you can use Pro-tect floor protection film on any other hard flooring surfaces, like linoleum, as well.

It's available in different sizes so that you can get what works best for you.

This self-adhesive floor protection tape is also used to protect your floor from any dust while people are walking on it, moisture, and any other debris.

  1. Protect Floors and Carpet with Plywood

If you have a higher budget to work with and floor protection is of extreme importance, plywood sheets are an excellent method to prevent floor damage when moving into a new home.

Plywood sheets act as a floor over your current flooring in your new home. However, plywood should not be used as equipment sliders in any circumstance.

Because the plywood truly serves as another floor, any damage that occurs during the moving process such as scratches, dents or scrapes happens on the plywood, not on your actual floor. Once you get everything entirely moved into your new home, you can remove the plywood sheets and expose your beautiful floors.

  1. Utilize old blankets or rugs

Whatever the type of floors you have, it’s always a great idea to use some covering to a protective pathway through your home.

 Cover your floors to accomplish two goals at a time:

Keeping dust and water away, and also protecting the subtle surfaces against dents, scrapes, and scratches.

Moving day is the perfect time to use old blankets and rugs which are the ones you’ve been thinking of replacing for quite some time now.

 For best floor protection, you can use your old blankets and rugs that will see the busiest traffic on Moving day.

If necessary, use appropriate fixators to make sure the temporary floor protection produced by the blankets and rugs won’t move or slide around, increasing the chance of a slip-and-fall type of accident.

Protect Carpet with Carpet Masking - Protect carpet on moving day

Protect the carpet by laying a carpet mask. Carpet masking is relatively affordable, specifically when compared to the cost of replacing or cleaning your current carpet.

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