Pro Tect® EZ Prop Poles – 10′ – 6 pack (3 pair)


6 or more of same item gets 5% discount

Dust Control EZ Props. Stop Dust in its tracks. Strong, fast install, made for onsite dust control. Pro Tect EZ Prop Dust Control.

6 EZ Prop poles – 5′-7′ -10′-1″ (3 pair)

Dust Control EZ Props are made for construction and remodeling job sites.

  • Pro Tect EZ prop poles made of steel and holds up to 170 lbs.
  • Construction poles effectively seal off rooms by creating temporary dust control partitions and enclosures.
  • Work poles hold up drywall, building construction sheeting, cabinets, stairs, decorative boxbeams, cornice molding and most anything you need an extra hand to hold.
  • Spreads warped jambs or lifts a door jamb while it’s being reset. Use in your truck to divide a load of sheeting or as a cargo bar to keep materials secure. EZ Prop is the perfect, multi-use, temporary brace, for on-the-job projects.
Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 11 × 10 in