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Floor Protection by Pro Tect® is the difference between getting the job done fast & under budget versus having to go back to replace or repair your floors. Temporary Floor Protection is a must, requiring the highest quality products to ensure your floors and surfaces avoid unintended damage. Pro Tect® Floor Protection products help you protect valuable surfaces from all sorts of damage without slowing down your construction project. With all the dangers that can threaten your floors during construction - including dirt, dust, liquids, heavy traffic and the occasional minor accidents - it pays to be prepared. We offer a variety of temporary floor protection products for wood stairs, wood floor protectors, marble floors protection, tiles, vinyl, finished concrete, unfinished concrete, and even offer Flame Rated Floor Protection. For over 25 years, we've been the trusted provider for the home building, home remodeling, and commercial construction industries. Our products are also used in the health care industry, television/film industry, schools & universities, recreational marine industry, pet industry, commercial/residential moving industry, as well as in laboratories and clean rooms. We can help you save time, money, and headaches by properly protecting floors and other surfaces. Shop online today, or contact us anytime to have your floor protection questions answered before you begin your project.

Poly-Craft Mask

Re-enforced Floor Protection, Waterproof, tear resistant, thin and long lasting floor protector. Fiberglass mesh technology. A must-have product for quick on-the-job floor protection.

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Finished Floor Guard

Wood Stair Protection, No tape, no hassle, hardwood stair & floor protection that provides up to 100 days of protection from dirt, scratches, spills and foot traffic. Our #1 selling product.

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Floor Runner

Temporary Floor Protection, reusable, heavy-duty, breathable impact floor protection used for tile floors, marble floors, and wood floors that require added protection.

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Tacky Mats

Pro Tect™ Tacky Mats stops dust and dirt from being tracked around your project, job or from your garage. Great at home too. Thirty sheets per mat.

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WR Hardboard

Water resistant, 44 mil thick, impact resistant, and eco-friendly floor protection. An all-in-one floor protector that’s tough, yet easy to install.

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Traffic Guard

Traffic Guard is used to protect all kinds of hard and soft floor surfaces where flame rated floor protection is required. Available in three thicknesses and two widths.

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CP Board

Floor and Wall Protection, 4′ x 8′ sheets of double corrugated plastic. CP Board is the perfect for those jobs where heavy duty floor protection is a must.

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“Pro Tect® Poly-Craft Mask is a must have on my job sites.”
Keith Morey / President, Morey Painting LLC
“Pro Tect’s Finished Floor Guard has changed the way I protect my job sites. I use it everywhere, from wood stairs & floors to countertops.”
Josh Dolby / President, Dolby Development