Pro Tect® Traffic Guard – 72″ x 300′ (13 mil)


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1-roll, 13-mil, 72″ x 300′, 1800 square feet

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Pro Tect Raffic Guard is a fire retardant floor and wall covering that can protect all kinds of hard and soft floor and paneled surfaces during your project. Start on counter-tops, cabinets, wainscots; preserve concredte finishes, brick, stone, terrazzo, tiles, resilient floors in Hospitals, Offices, Condominiums, Institutional structures and Residentail construction of all kinds. OSHA Orange with slip resistant surface, Flame Retardant, and in thicknesses ranging from 13 mil. to 40 mil. Pro Tect Certified, fi we way it is good you know it is great.

Weight 122 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 12 × 12 in