Pro Tect Hardboard Installation Video and Guide

For extra tough floor protection during construction and remodeling, nothing beats hardboard. Hardboard is 44 mil. thick and designed to protect wood, tile, marble, concrete, and any other hard surface.   Consider using WR-Hardboard to protect hard flooring surfaces
  • Heavy duty, thick 44 mil. protection
  • Water resistant for up to 72 hours
  • Lays out flat, fast, saving you time and money
  • Eco-friendly, made from 100% recycle material
  What does WR Stand for?   The “WR” in Hardboard-WR stands for “water resistant.” The experts at Pro Tect developed the hardboard floor protection to be water resistant for up to 72 hours.   Quickly replacing Masonite on job sites nationwide   White Masonite is a great product, Hardboard-WR is faster, less expensive, and easier to handle, which makes it a leading choice on job sites nationwide.   This guide will show you step-by-step how easy it is to use and install WR-Hardboard to protect flooring surfaces for construction and remodeling.   Installation   Step 1: Unroll Unrolling WR-Hardboard is a breeze. Just let it fly! harboard roll Repeat the unrolling process to create side-by-side sections as pictured above.   Step 2: Tape the seams   Tape the seams in between sections using Pro Tect hardboard tape. Apply tape every couple of yards to secure the WR-Harboard. hardboard seams   Step 3: Secure the seams   Once you have the WR-Hardboard in place, take the roll of tape and tape off the seams. hardboard tape   Tape the length of the WR-Hardboard in full for maximum stability and protection.   Conclusion hardboard finish Installing WR-Hardboard protection is quick and easy. It provides top notch floor protection for hard flooring surfaces.   Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Unroll
  2. Tape the seams
  3. Secure the seams
  If you have any questions about WR-Hardboard or any other floor protection concerns, talk to the pros at Pro Tect. Check out Pro Tect online for more floor protection tips, tools, and products.