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Pro Tect Floor Protection is the difference between getting the job done fast, under budget, or having to go back and replace or repair your floors.

Protect Hardwood Floors & Hardwood Stair Protection. Protection for marble, tiles, vinyl, finished, and unfinished concrete. Pro Tect has the right Floor Protection for you. Need Floor Protection at your next Construction job? Call us at 1-800-545-0826 if you need more information or have any questions.

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Water Resistant Hardboard Floor Protection from Pro Tect

Hardboard-WR Floor Protection

WR-Hardboard Floor Protection:

Pro Tect WR-Hardboard is a temporary floor protection that can be used to protect wood, tile, marble, concrete, any hard surface.  This heavy-duty temporary floor protection comes in a roll 36″ x 100′, is 44 mil. thick and made from 100% recycle material.

What is the WR stand for:

When Pro Tect’s Hardboard first came out it wasn’t water resistant.  After asking and hearing that our customers would love it if it had a water-resistant element we went to work and now WR-Hardboard temporary floor protection is water-resistant (WR) for up to 72 hours.

Becoming a replacement for Masonite on job-site all over:

While Masonite is a great product and perfect in some temporary floor protection situation, WR-Hardboard is just simply faster, less expensive, and easier to handle.  It’s 44 mil. heavy duty protection lays flat and lets you make longer runs of floor protection which cuts your install time.  Since it isn’t stuck down it allows the surface to breath, soft so it won’t scratch your floors, and Eco-friendly so you can feel good about using it.

Two birds, One Stone:

Start using Pro Tect’s Temporary Floor Protection WR-Hardboard and protect your floors and help keep the earth healthy.  Call today, 1-800-545-0826

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