Detailed Tub Spray Video Installation


Detailed Tub Spray Installation Step-By-Step

The goal of construction and remodeling projects is to improve the style and function of a home. However, in many cases features in the home can be damaged during the construction process.

 For example, it’s easy for a bathroom tub to be bumped, scratched, or burned on the job. A simple tub scratch can cost from $50 to over $150 to repair!


These costly damages can be easily prevented with proper precaution. Fortunately, tubs can be protected quickly and easily with liquid mask sprays.


Liquid mask sprays forms a tough layer of protection over hard-to-cover surfaces, forming and fitting different shapes like a heavy latex glove. It can be used for tubs, showers, and other highly polished surfaces like porcelain, enamel, fiberglass, acrylic, and glass.

 In this guide, you will learn step-by-step how to use Pro Tect Liquid Mask Tub Spray to protect bathroom tubs during construction and remodeling.


Let’s begin!


Step 1: Prepare the Tub

Begin with a clean tub. Make sure there is no dirt or debris in the tub so no small particles are sealed to the surface, possibly causing damage to the tub or sealant.

tub prep 2

Next, tape and drain, faucet holes, and tub edges to isolate the tub.

tub prep 1

Step 2: Apply the Liquid Mask


There are two ways to apply the liquid mask to the tub.


Option 1: Paint or roll the liquid directly onto the tub.


If you choose this option, be sure to use two coats of liquid in order to reach the thickness required to protect the surface. Start with a light coat, then come back after it starts to dry and apply a second coat. Take special care on the sides of the tub not to put the coat on too heavy, as it will run down the sides of the tub.

 Option 2: Spray the liquid onto the tub with an airless sprayer.


We recommend choosing option two if possible, as it’s faster and easier to coat the tub evenly and to the required level of thickness.

apply tub 1

Use a simple airless sprayer (over 2500 psi) to apply the liquid. If you don’t have one, try asking a painter. No additional chemicals or additives are needed to flush it out of the sprayer. Simply fill the sprayer with liquid and begin spraying.

apply tub 2

How much liquid should be applied?


When the dried liquid feels similar to an orange peel in texture, that means enough material has been applied. Be careful not to apply too much liquid, as it may run off the surface creating an uneven coat.

 Step 3: Remove Tape

Remove the tape you previously applied to the tub edges before the tub is dry.

tape 1

How do you know when the material is dry?


The tub is dry when the material is a dark blue color. Be sure to remove the tape while the material is still light blue, indicating it is not yet dry.

wet tubdry tub

Pictured above: The liquid mask pictured on the left is wet, while on the right it is dry.


Step 4: When Finished, Remove Mask

When your construction or remodeling project is complete, and tub protection is no longer required, the mask is easily removed.

Simply peel the mask, starting from a corner, until it is completely removed from the surface.

peel 1

peel 2

peel 3



It’s easy to protect tubs and other highly polished surfaces by using Pro Tect Liquid Mask Tub Spray.


Just follow four simple steps:


  1. Prepare the Tub
  2. Apply the Liquid Mask
  3. Remove Tape
  4. When Finished, Remove Mask


If you have any questions about Liquid Mask Tub Spray, feel free to contact the team at Pro Tect. We are happy to help you tackle any project.