Windows Protection Film - 180 Days

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Window Protection Film 180 Day - 12" x 500' Roll ProTect
Window Protection Film 180 - 24" x 500' roll ProTect
Window Protection Film 180 Day - 36" X 500' Roll
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Window Film Dispenser

Surface Protection 180 day Window Film:

  • 2 mil. self-adhering poly provides 180 days of protection.
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 1', 2' and 3' all by 500' in length.
  • Gaurd against over-spray, masonry mortar and most solvents.
  • Multi-use, can be used to protect most factory finished surface.
Pro Tect for Windows 180 Day Film: This 2 mil. Blue tinted film can be left on your windows or most factory finished surface for up to 180 days.  Pro-Tect your window frames and glass from over-sprays, mortar stains, muriatic acid and more. Don't forget the Pro Tect Window Dispenser.  This multi-size dispenser fits the 24" and 36" width along with the 200' and 500' length.  The Pro Tect Window dispenser frees up your hands by holding the roll at waist level.  Speed up the job and save money by using the Window Dispenser.
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