Why Is It Necessary to Protect the Floor During Construction?

Floors are always the best part of a house. The walls and roofs are the most attractive parts of a house, but the floor comes to enhance the beauteous part of the entire house. People also create it with much attention and care. A floor costs more than building a square foot of a wall, except for a concrete floor. Most passionate people create fantastic floors with asphalt, granite, hardwood, ceramic, reclaimed floors, and more. Temporary floor protection is essential when the floor faces excess damaging traffic, construction of any part of a house, renovation, or house move.

How can you protect your floor in different situations? There are various types of protecting elements and coatings that help protect floors from the damaging effects of specific reasons.

Let us examine how floors deteriorate and how they are protected.

Floor damage from heavy stepping

Heavy traffic occurs at doorsteps, entrances, common passageways, and some other places. As soon as it faces heavy traffic, the floors start to feel its damaging effects. Sandstone, granite, asphalt, and wooden floors all have unique experiences. All other floors, except wooden floors, will be severely affected and lose their smoothness and polishing effect. On the other hand, you will see some scratch marks on them from heavy traffic. The boot marks will also be perceived here and there on the floor. To protect all these areas, you can use a floor-protecting coating. You can dispense it easily without having any further worry about it.

The floor will not experience any marks of glue if you buy the coating with water-based adhesive. For the very heavy trafficked areas, tacky mats will be the best solution.

Hardwood floor protection

Among all these floors, hardwood floors become more damaged over time, even in light traffic situations. The polishing effects and shiny ambiance go out of work, and then it becomes dull and out of attraction. So, you should choose a great option to enhance the durability and damage effect of hardwood floors. Here too, you can use floor-protecting coating as well as tacky mats if the traffic is very high and heavy. In particular, when you are in a house moving situation, protect your floor with tacky mats in both the leaving house and the new house.

Wooden stair protection

For everyday traffic, house moves, and many other reasons, the floors, and hardwood stairs are very much damaged. Along with the polishing effect, it will create permanent marks on the base of all steps. So, it will be a costly affair to sand the hardwood stairs and polish them. So, you should better use unicolor floor-protecting sheets with self-adhesion so that there is no possibility to slip the floor over the stairs and cause a damaging effect on your health of anybody.

Floor renovation

People always love to live in a modern and sophisticated house. Then, the old accommodations and apartments need to be renovated. However, the process is not as easy as you might think. The floors will be severely affected by it. The broken chunks of bricks, concrete, bars, beams, and many other metallic particles will surely damage the costly floor. To prevent house damage, you can use floor-protecting materials available in local or online stores. They can do it effectively. Even the concrete floors get damaged. If the concrete floors get damaged, it will also lead to very high demand for money. So, you can use construction floor protection material. They will save the floor from the damaging effect of renovations or house extensions.

Apart from the damaging effect of the heavy and sharp materials, the floors may also be affected by paint spills. It creates more concern for the house owners. If it is a hardwood floor, the paint will create an extreme level of visual damage.

Factory and manufacturing unit floors

If it is a manufacturing unit, company, or factory, the floors will surely experience heavy traffic. There is a sure possibility of getting the floors damaged. So, consult with the floor expert to suggest the best floor-protecting materials for those floors.

Hence, there are a lot of reasons for protecting your floor. There is no other way except to protect the construction floor as it causes severe damage to the floors. So, to have flawless construction floor protection, use the sheets and coating made by Pro Tect®.