Pro-tect’s Temporary floor protection for smooth resilient floors for textile flooring

Temporary floor protection is a forgotten or ignored necessity. As this has become a more regular cause for post-installation problems and inquiries, it's important to take a closer look at this part of the flooring installation process.

In an ideal world, flooring should be the major thing to be fitted on site. Whilst this would be best practice, the difficulties of building work programming can interfere with such good intentions.

Keep your floors immaculate all through the construction process with extreme, high-performing floor protection products.

Surface Shields, temporary floor protection is a primary source for contractors, floor installers and other jobsite professionals who need to effectively protect hard surfaces during commercial and residential projects.

Surface Shields understands that the demand for exclusive types of floor protection only continues to increase, so we carry a variety of temporary floor protection products for any construction, remodelling and floor installation job. Whether you need Builder Board, Water Shield, Plastic-Shield or any other type of floor protection, we can find a distributor near you, fast.


Linoleum is produced by insistent a sheet containing oxidized linseed oil, gums and resins, ground cork or wood flour, and pigments on to a backing, and it is hung in huge “curing” stoves to toughen.

Two general types, plain and printed, linoleum, are produced; the latter has a constant pattern throughout its thickness. Different methods are creating various design effects. Thickness ranges from about 1.6 to 4.5 millimetres, depending upon the traffic; a standard width is six feet (two metres), and the weight in 3.2 millimetres gauge is about 7.6 pounds per square yard (3.5 kms per square metre).

Recently developed products are specially hardened to resist indentation. Certain alkalies and organic solvents will attack linoleum if left in prolonged contact; staining and discoloration can arise from certain anti-oxidants in tires, rubber castors, or rubber heels. Linoleum is resilient, warm, and modest by reasonable floor temperatures, and does not readily support combustion.

Floor GUARD - Floor & Tile Protector

Floor GUARD is a fast and prudent floor security solution.

Key benefits of Floor GUARD:


For smooth resilient floors

For smooth resilient floors a product giving impact security is required. Products choices include twin-wall or polypropylene board and hardboard. Twin-wall/twin-fluted polypropylene board is provided in sheet structure with the twin-wall composition offering impact security. Hardboard is likewise provided in sheet structure with extra protection against scrapes, scratches as well as effect.

It is desirable to verify whether hardboard protection should be fire resistant.

For heavier traffic sites or sites requiring protection for a more extended term, consistently utilizing a heavier grade security. Hardboard or heavier obligation fluted polypropylene board might be more suitable for those areas.

Both polypropylene board and hardboard can be reused. There is a contention to propose hardboard offers a harmless to the ecosystem way to protection however, as usual, there are positive and negative aspects for a wide range of framework. It really depends on the manufactures/provider to instruct regarding the advantages of their framework and any likely environmental effect.

For textile flooring

For textile flooring, impact security isn't a particularly significant issue as protection from dust. Adhesive supported "shabby back" polythene is a usually utilized option. This product is essentially carried out and bonds straightforwardly to the carpet pile surface. The shabby back will hold the product set up during the program of work. After use, the material essentially strips off clean, leaving no residue. Alternatively, a baggy sheet can be utilized, either a polypropylene or polyethylene sheeting. This can then be fixed set up utilizing either tapes or a reasonable dry-fix technique.

While utilizing defensive sheeting on textile products, guarantee that all edges are fixed to forestall building garbage and dust getting under the sheet and settling onto the surface heap.

Secure that any defensive film is appropriate for use with the flooring and check any restrictions, for example, use with under floor heating or time for safe adhesion. Some protective sheet products with a crude film in touch with textile floor coverings can leave an adhesive residue when removed.

This can be hard to remove and attract soil when the floor covering is placed into utilization. The potential for this impact ought to be checked with the production product manufacturer before use and guidance on appropriateness confirmed.

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