Construction Zip Up Zippers 2 Pack

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ZPU-7.25 - Zip-Up 2, 7' zippers per pack $16.00

Surface Protection Zip-up Construction Zipper

  • Pro Tect Zip-Up is the easiest and most economical way to provide a temporary entry and exit
  • Double-side zipper attaches permanently to your plastic sheeting, allowing you to create any size or shape entry
  • The best all-weather entry/exit system for sites that need protection against unwanted dust, dirt and heat loss
Easy Installation:

1. Peel paper backing from zipper and apply to the plastic sheeting.  The trick is not to peel all the paper back at once.  Peel as you go, it will allow of a straighter installment to the plastic.  Also when you peel all the paper off basically it is like handling a long strip of fly paper and can stick to other things or where you don't want it during installation

2. Once you have the Zip-Up Construction Zipper attached to the plastic take a razor blade and follow the Construction Zipper back up in order to get a clean, straight opening.

3.  If you choose to use both Zippers you can roll it up and use the Velcro tabs that are provided to hold it to the door you created up for easy in and out.

How to cut your cost when using Zip-Up Construction Zipper:

It all comes down to what type of entry you need. Will you be carrying in wood and tools through out the day or do you just need a way to get in and out of the room you have enclosed? A lot of times you simply need to seal off the work area and you won't be going in and out all day long.  If that is the case, just install one Zip-Up Construction Zipper.  
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