Floor Runner ProTect®

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  • Pro Tect Runner: Re-usable Floor Protection
  • Made in America
  • Designed for high-traffic areas and high quality floor surfaces that need extra protection
  • Superior hardwood floor protection protects hard tile, marble, as well as resilient tile and linoleum floors
  • Re-usable, Durable
  • Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Heavy duty, Impact Protection
Technical Data

Protection For Hard Surface Floors

Runner Floor Protection is designed for high-traffic, high quality floor surfaces and counter-tops that need extra protection. It protects hardwood floors, hard tile, granite, marble as well as resilient tile and linoleum floors. Pro Tect Floor Protection Runner stays in place because of the soft rubber backing. It's non-porous so it helps protect finished surface from moisture and spills.

Since Pro Tect Floor Protection isn't stuck down it allows the floor surface that you are covering to breathe. That means as soon as the floor is ready to walk on, you can pro-tect it. It has a soft vinyl backing that acts like a gym shoe on a gym floor. If you don't apply pressure you can slide your shoe. How ever, as soon as you apply pressure to the floor the shoe won't slide. Pro Tect Floor Protection Runner works the same way.

Runner Floor Protection Just Got A Whole Lot Cooler

The top of Pro Tect's Runner looks and feels like a felt type of product. It is anything but, it is made from ECO-FI, yep, not only did you just protect your floor using one of Pro Tect's top 5 sellers, but you are helping to save the earth. ECO-FI is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles.

You are faced with many choices when it comes to which product to buy. Pro Tect just made it that much easier, protect your floor and help take those nasty bottles out of our landfills and out of the oceans. For every one billion plastic bottles created, 18 tons of harmful air emission are produced and 2.5 million barrels of oil are used, contributing to acid rain, global warning, and smog.

Step up, protect your floors and help find a home for those pesky plastic bottles, Buy Pro Tect Runner today!!!

What can I protect with Pro Tect Runner Floor Protection?

Pro Tect Runner can be used on any hard flat surface.  Hardwood Floors, Tile, Marble, Vinyl, finished concrete, etc.

Can Pro Tect Runner be used down stairs?

NO, Pro Tect Runner is designed for flat surfaces.  Don’t forget your counter-tops. 

Which Side goes down on the Floor?

The fuzzy side faces up or the shinny side faces the floor. 

How does Pro Tect Runner work?

Pro Tect Runner acts like a gym shoe on a gym floor.  When you put weight on the Runner, it stays in place.

Will Pro Tect Runner slip and slide?

Floor Protection Runner is designed with a non-slip backing.  As long as there is weight on the Runner, the floor protection should stay in place. 

Can I use Pro Tect Runner on Carpeting?

Pro Tect Runner is not designed to stay in place on carpeting.   Using it on carpeting could create a trip hazard. 

How Thick is the Pro Tect Runner?

1/16” or a little thicker than a quarter (25 cents).

Is Pro Tect Floor Protection Runner reusable?

Absolutely!  You will need to sweep off the top (fuzzy side) or vacuum off the dust and dirt once you are done protecting the floor.  Before the next use make sure the bottom is wiped clean. This will make sure the non-slip side will stay in place once you roll it back out.  With proper care, Floor Protection Runner by Pro Tect will keep protecting your floors again and again saving you time and money.

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