4 Plastic Jamb Protectors by Pro Tect

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Plastic Jamb Protectors 4.5" - 8" (wide) x 3.25" (deep) @ 69" (height). two pair.

Plastic Jamb Protectors- set of 4

4.5" x 8" (wide) x 3.25" (deep) @ 69" (height) Jamb Protectors. 2 pair. Plastic Jamb Protectors guard against gouges, nicks and scratches during construction. There preformed snap-on sections are rigid and durable, offering heavy duty protection for wood or steel door jambs and window sills. Prevents damage to vulnerable door jambs and trim on the work site. Pro Tect Jamb Protectors are made of heavy duty plastic and are completely reusable. Excellent for protecting window sills and jambs while bringing in drywall.
Weight 36.0000
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