Pro Tect Liquid Mask - 1 gallon

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1 gallon, covers approx. 2.5- 5' tubs.
1 Gallon, covers approximately (2.5) 5' tubs. Pro Tect Liquid Mask forms a "tough latex glove" over hard-to-cover surfaces. Providing up to a 30 mil. protection for tubs, shower basin's and other highly polished surfaces like porcelain, enamel, fiberglass, acrylic, metal and glass. Pro Tect Liquid Mask is a wate based, single component material that can be applied in one coat with an airless sprayer or in two coats with a foam or sponge brush. It can dry in a matter of hours and offers reliable protection with the 30 mil. thick application.
Weight 14.0000
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