Temporary Shoe Booties for Builders

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  • 3 mil. light weight or 9 mil. Diamond Grip heavy duty
  • Shoe booties help prevent scuffs, heel marks and foot traffic dirt at the source.
  • Slip resistant shoe cover
  • Made of plastic to help prevent water from boot soaking through onto the floor.
  • Shoe Booties fit up to size 15
  • Cloth Booties won't hold the water from a wet shoe, plastic booties will

Surface Protection Shoe Booties & Boot Covers:

Both the 3 mil. and the Diamond Grip 9 mil. fit up to a size 15 work boot.Yes, ProTect Shoe Booties stop the dust, dirt, and mud from your shoes from spreading to your customer's surfaces.Yes, they are bright blue and made of plastic.Yes, there are two different types: 3 mil. and 9 mil Shoe Booties.No, they don't have that little white grippy stuff on the bottom, you don't need it, they are slip-resistant.No, we don't carry cloth booties, why, if your shoe is wet, the moisture will soak through the cloth bootie and that is what you are trying to stop.

Which Shoe bootie to get:

The 3 mil. Shoe Bootie is great for biding a job, open houses, or any type of light work where a Shoe Bootie is necessary.  The 9 mil. Diamond Grip Shoe Bootie is the type of Shoe Bootie that you will have on all day or if you want to reuse. Like all of our Surface Protection Products but more so with the Shoe Booties what you are really doing is taking your customer service to the next level.  We have a tile and grout guy that comes to the warehouse about once a month.  When he is here all he talks about is how he isn't the cheapest guy on the block but he keeps winning the work because he wears the Shoe Booties when he bids out the job.  His customers tell him, the one thing that they remember is that he took the time to slip on a pair of Shoe Booties before he entered their place.  Think about it, if you take the time to show the customer that you care about their home when you're bidding the job, it shows them you will take care of their house when you start the work.
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