How to Protect Hardwood Floor from Early Damage

Engineered wood and solid hardwood flooring are both gorgeous and durable. With the reputation of being tough and durable, homeowners seem to have an idea of its impervious quality in any circumstance. But, it is not so as considered. There are plenty of things that will destroy the hardwood floors.

Treating and polishing the hardwood flooring with the proper material and careful attempt are the first steps to maintaining the floor. It keeps the floor beautiful for a long time and prevents itself from damaging. Hardwood floor Protection is vital to give it a long time and keep it beautiful for ages. Learn how to protect hardwood naturally and apply some scientific techniques.

Here are some ways to protect the hardwood floor.

Limit traffic- keep floor intact for years

Hardwood flooring is to keep less trafficked against the normal traffic. However, you can limit traffic to a certain level. Next, you have to lead a normal flow of life. So, it is to protect against abnormal wear and tear. To maintain its pristine shape, you can follow the following steps.

Keep markers away

Children usually draw their imagery with the marker on the floor and walls. So, you can understand what would happen next. Some markers keep the marks for life. If the ink is not permanent, wood soaks it and keeps the stain for life itself.

Keep wheeled toys out of the house

Wheeled toys keep some permanent marks on the wooden floor. Besides, when it would move outdoors, it will pick up pebbles on the treads and make scratch marks on the wooden floor.

No-shoe policy in the house

High heels and boots of shoes will make scratch marks on the floor. On the other hand, it will also hamper the floors with the visible sands attached under the shoe. It is better to remove the shoes before entering any room.

Limit cleaning with a wet wash

Wet mopping is not the only damaging thing for the hardwood floors. Leaked dishwasher, any acidic substance, kitchen splash, urination of kids and pets, water dropping, drinks spilling off and accidental liquid falls are the reasons for wet damaging of the floor. 

When the liquids spill in small quantities it gets faster soaked by the wood and the channels of two plank joining. So, the floor needs to be soaked fast to protect wooden absorption and passing through side channels.

Site finished wooden floor has extra safety from liquid damage. The installer used sealant on the floor and between plank channels. Then, the possibility to pass the liquids through the channels reduces effetely.

Use some floor-protecting materials such as Printed 6 Mil. Fire Retardant Plastic, Finished Floor Guard Pro Tect®, Floor Runner ProTect®, Poly Craft Mask ProTect®, Water Resistant (WR) Hardboard Pro Tect®, and CP Board Floor & Wall Protection Pro Tect®. They will help protect the water or liquid damage.

Protect your pets

People of the modern age love pets very much. Dogs or cats have become part of a family. We tolerate and love pets but wooden floors do not. The most remarkable gouges on the wooden floors are visible from the claws of dogs chasing after the cat. On the other hand, the cats sometimes sharpen their claws by scratching on the floors. And if it is a wooden floor, there is nothing to say about their preference.

If you want to prevent scratches and dents on the floor from pet’s nails, you can use the floors ranked highest on the measurement scale. You can also use sheets and materials for hardwood floor Protection available in some local or online shops.

Lay out the floor mats, carpet or rugs. It will prevent your floor from getting damaged. The above-mentioned floor protecting materials will save your floor from getting damaged fast.

Keep the Floor Clean Always

No shoe policy is the best way to keep the debris and dirt away from the floor. Outside debris tracked in with the shoe. The gleaming hardwood floors will lose their shine.  It will keep the floor away from re-sanding or refinishing early.

The dull and dirty floor will create a topcoat on the wooden floor. So, cleaning the floor regularly can eliminate abrasive dust from the surface of the floor. The floor will remain shiny for a long time without susceptive dirt absorption.

Be careful during sanding the floor

Sanding is the best way to bring back the floor to its previous gleaming condition. It is not frequent though. Using a hand sander rips off the top coat of the wooden floor. So, use a moderate sander to keep the quality of wood intact. If sanding becomes deeper than you expected, you can call a polishing expert to polish it and recoat the floor with the glossy upper coat.

If it is an angered floor covering wood, you should avoid the drum sander. It can chew through the top layer of the veneer layers. Once the top layer is damaged, the next layer won’t perform well for long.

Lay down Mats and Runners as it suits

Floor coating, mats and runners are highly essential for protecting wooden floors. These may prevent enjoying the purpose of wooden floor covering. You won’t be able to enjoy the rich and lustre of wooden sensation if it is covered. If you have this sentiment, you can use the floor protectors in the high traffic zone. Otherwise, the gleam will be eliminated fast.

Installing no sleep fire preventing coating can save the floors of high trafficking areas.  Every home has some specific areas that get trodden much. Kitchen, hallways, large rooms, stairs and similar other rooms or spaces must bring under designer floor coating.

Choose the right cleaning agent

Determining the right cleaning products and processes for the particular flooring is typical. Especially, when it is for hardwood flooring, you have to consider a lot. Consult with the reputed floor agencies and then choose one.

The best way to use the best Floor Protector is to get a damage-free floor. Accept the damage keeping it unprotected. You can visit ProTect to get the best floor protecting materials at an affordable cost.