Surface Protection to Protect Your Luxury Home Furnishings

Minimize the risk of furnishings damage to your carpets and floors by using a temporary floor protector during a house party.

Everyone likes a good party, the coming together of family and friends to like food, music, good conversation, and the occasional drink or two. Unfortunately, there can however be a downside to throwing a party in your own home – spilled drinks, mud trodden, dropped food into the carpets, dropped litter, and an overall mess left behind for you to fresh up the morning after.

Pro-tect offer a range of temporary floor protection materials which are very easy to use and will help to protect your carpets, floors, and stairs whilst you enjoy the party.

And we all know, irrespective of how much fun you have, the post-party pick-up party is the worst part of it.

Below we outline some informal ways to protect your home at party time from celebratory guests. This article will also help with the Temporary Floor Protector when the party is done.

Protect your furniture

If your furniture, couch or chairs, are not proper for spills and stickiness, you may want to consider these pre-party cover tricks. Buy slipcovers or large throw blankets that you can certainly clean if something were to fall on the fabric. Don’t feel anxiety about your upholstery; cover it up until the party is done.

Protect your carpets

Applying Scotchgard to your carpet and rugs before your guests arrive is a unique way to help prepare for the worst. If your guest spills, you won't want to overreact. Just get some water and a rag. The Scotchgard should match away from the stain so you can get back to the party. We recommend using Scotchgard rug and carpet protector in your snack and height-traffic areas.

Use a stain guard

 Spills are essentially a part of all social gatherings where food and drink will be served. One way to Temporary Floor Protector your furnishings from stains is by using one of the several stain guard products that are commercially available on and offline.

Use slip-covers

 For great gatherings, the use of spill covers is sometimes necessary. Try draping a decorative fabric over your greatest valuable furnishings.

Be proactive

 Since stains are an inevitable part of most social gatherings, it is also a fresh idea to keep cleaning products handy. Try keeping a bottle of stain remover on hand during your party so that it can fast be applied when an accident occurs.

You can however protect your home and prevent, therefore leaving less cleaning up and much less damage to your floors and surfaces.

Choosing the correct floor protection for your party

You don’t worry about damage to flooring during a house party. There’s a huge range of protective materials available, whatever floor type you have, from hardwood to carpet, softwood to vinyl.

The application is really simple too. Just roll carpet protector film across the carpet and cut to size. For our Pro-tect boards, all you require is some cloth tape to secure them to the floor. If you are put on tape to finishing surfaces, such as skirting boards, it’s best to use low-tack tape first, and apply cloth tape on top of this if you are worried about any effort of the boards.

We stock several different sizes and lengths, of both carpet protector film and Pro-tect provisional Construction floor Protector.

 If you are not sure exactly which you need, then our expert team will be more than happy to help.

Just tell us a little about your party in your home, and we will advise you on the best way to protect your floor with the best Temporary Floor Protector from damage during a party!

Give us a call today @ 1-800-545-0826, send us an email -, or use our live chat function – and let’s get this party started!

Have great fun and enjoy the rest of the Party.