Step by step how to put Liquid Mask Tub Protection onto Tub?

A bathroom is a place or a room that is mainly used for hygienic personal activities including a sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet. The bathtub is used by most of people who want to take a bath with more comfort compared to a bath under the shower. So if you want to take a bath in the bathtub then you have to take care of its maintenance process. For that reason, our ProTect Company provides Liquid Mask Tub Protection to protect your bathtub from damps and scratches. Not only, that but Liquid Mask Tub Protection also provided long-term Protection for Tubs and Baths of your bathroom. Along with that, it can also protect your whirlpools and showers from the damage of burns and bumps. Liquid mask tub Protection is one of the best processes that can easily prevent your tub from any damages and nowadays it becomes very popular as a top-quality product that consists of full Protection for Tubs and Baths all over the world.

If your bathtub gets any scratches or any other damages, it will be very costly to recover those damages and scratches. The recovery cost varies according to the number of damages and scratches. The minimum recovery cost is $50 and the maximum recovery cost is $150 or more. But if you use our Liquid Mask Tub Protection to consist of a full Protection for Tubs and Baths of your bathroom along with showers, it takes the cheapest recovery cost of $15. So you can easily afford it. With this cheapest recovery cost, you can protect a 5’ bathtub easily. A “tough latex glove” is formed by our Pro Tect Company’s Liquid Mask Tub Protection over the surfaces that hard-to-cover and provides long-term protection up to forty mil for showers, tubs along with some well-polished surfaces such as enamel, fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, and glass.

The installation process is divided into two ways to put our Pro Tect Company’s Liquid Mask Tub Protection on your shower basin and tub. They are as follows-

1. Using Airless Sprayer:

Step 1: Call a painter or you can do it by yourself.

Step 2: Open the bucket of one gallon or five-gallon.

Step 3: Put the airless sprayer tub in.

Step 4: Spray as you wish over the bathtub’s surfaces.

Try not to use an Airless Sprayer over 2 thousand and five hundred psi. The Liquid Mask Tub Protection is a product based upon the water, so do not flush it out with chemicals.

2. By Rolling or Painting:

Step 1: Open the bucket,

Step 2: Paint your tub using your hand or take a roller and paint over the surface of the tub.

Step 3: Put a thick coat.

Step 4: After drying the first coat, come back to put another coat.

It is very important to apply two light coats to consist fully of Protection for Tubs and Baths. Try not to put it on extreme heavy otherwise, the sides of the bathtub will ruin.