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There are several reasons why it may essential to protect your floor. Now a days a lot of temporary floor protection products will work best for you whether you have tile, wood, carpet, or any other floor surface.

You’ll find a narrative of some of the best temporary floor protections below, which will help you to create the best choice when you’re ready to start your project.

It’s good to get into the habit of sighting the flooring type that you have, whether it be marble, concrete, laminate, or hardwood.

Some of the temporary floor protections can work very well for all flooring types, whereas some others need more specific uses.

Let us have an idea of your remodelling project while reading the details listed in this guide.

Keep your floors uninjured through the construction process with tough, very high-performing floor protection products.

Surface Shields is one of the sources for suppliers, floor installers, and other job site professionals who need to effectively protect hard surfaces during commercial and residential projects.

Types of protective floor coverings


Heavy-duty floor protection is intended for both residential and commercial contractors. Builder Board floor protections interchanges the must for large, bulky sheets of masonite and rolls out flat.

Masonite Floor Protection

Masonite floor protection is a realistic choice for those who want something extremely robust and easy to install. Masonite is one of the thickest and most flexible floor protection coverings on the market.

There are a lot of floor protection products available present in the market. That contains masonite, and they often come in excessive rolls that can certainly be laid out flat and require almost no installation.

Sticky Mats

Sticky mats are the top floor protection solutions for rooms where sanitation is key. If you are working in a hygienic environment, a sticky mat can work to remove the dust and debris from your shoes as you walk by, and they will also trap any kind of dust so that it doesn’t enter the room. They need no installation and they can lay down certainly on any hard surface.

Plastic is a flexible and robust measurable that comes in all thicknesses, sizes, and textures, allowing you the freedom to determine what will work best for you.


Move heavy objects easily across hard surfaces. These Surface Sleds are a touched, flexible bottom that glides across any type of hard flooring.

Carpet Protection Film

This is a roll of thin plastic film, which follows to any surface without leaving behind any marks or damage.

There are no tools essential to install it, and it stays in place once it’s down.

It is a great way to protect carpeted floors, and by inserting the plastic film on top, that you can ensure that your carpet is kept safe from debris, paint, and water damage.

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