Jamb Protectors

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Jamb Protectors by Pro Tect

2 kinds:  Heavy Duty Plastic Orange or Hard Cardboard Brown

  • both are re-usable
  • Protects Jambs from 4.5' to 8"
  • Prevents damage to vulnerable door jambs on work site
  • Guard against gauges, nicks and scratches
  • Cut them down and protect window sills while loading drywall
You've just finished the job and you are getting ready for the final walk-thru.  Congrats, the walk-thru went well, but you still need to send a worker back to touch up somethings.  Jambs?  Well, for a low as $6.25 that worker might have one less hour of work.  Labor cost vs. Jamb Protectors will win cost wise every time.   There are two types of Jamb Protectors: Heavy Duty Plastic and Hard Cardboard.  They both work the same, both are great products for protecting your jambs.  Here is what we would tell you if you asked us which one to use:Hard Cardboard Jamb Protector (brown)We would suggest this one if you aren't interested in reusing them more then a couple times.PVC Jamb Protector (orange)These Jamb Protectors can be used over and over.  While they are a bit more expensive then the Hard Cardboard protectors. If you plan on moving them from job to job these are built to last.
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