Surface Protection for Windows, Doors, Tubs, and much more

  1. protect door jamb protectors surface protection
    Jamb Protectors
    Starting at $6.25
  1. 3m No Residue Ductape
    3m No Residue Ductape
  1. Door Protection
    Pro Tect Door Protection
    Starting at $43.75
  1. Surface Protection Corner Guards
    Corner Guards
    Starting at $2.75
  1. Printed Flame Rated Plastic
    Printed 6 mil. Fire Retardant Plastic
    Starting at $110.00
  1. multi use red mult surface protection film
    Multi-Use Red Surface Protection Film
    Starting at $46.00
  1. window protection film 180
    Windows Protection Film - 180 Days
    Starting at $64.50
  1. Surface Protection Safety Rail Boot
    Pro Tect RAIL BOOTS
  1. pre draped tape
    Pre Taped Drape
    Starting at $8.58
  1. Surface Protection Ductape
    Pro Tect Duct Tape
    Starting at $9.00

Surface protection and dust control for construction, renovation, remodelling or high-traffic events. Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Floor and surface Protection designed to protect floors during construction. We are leading dealer of temporary floor protection and surface protection products