Temporary Surface Protection for Windows, Doors and Tubs

We provide comprehensive solutions for temporary surface protection during construction and renovation projects. Our high-quality products safeguard tubs, bathrooms, and other vulnerable surfaces from damage, ensuring a pristine finish. With our durable door protection solutions, you can prevent scratches and dents, maintaining the integrity of your doors. Trust us for reliable and efficient temporary surface protection that delivers superior results every time.

  1. protect door jamb protectors surface protection

    Jamb Protectors

    Starting at $6.95
  1. 3m No Residue Ductape

    3m No Residue Ductape

  1. Door Protection

    Pro Tect Door Protection

    Starting at $43.75
  1. Surface Protection Corner Guards

    Corner Guards

    Starting at $2.75
  1. Printed Flame Rated Plastic

    Printed 6 mil. Fire Retardant Plastic

    Starting at $110.00
  1. multi use red mult surface protection film

    Multi-Use Red Surface Protection Film

    Starting at $46.00
  1. window protection film 180

    Windows Protection Film - 180 Days

    Starting at $47.99
  1. Surface Protection Safety Rail Boot

    Pro Tect RAIL BOOTS

  1. pre draped tape

    Pre Taped Drape

    Starting at $8.58
  1. Surface Protection Ductape

    Pro Tect Duct Tape

    Starting at $9.00

Surface protection and dust control for construction, renovation, remodelling or high-traffic events. Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Floor and surface Protection designed to protect floors during construction. We are leading dealer of temporary floor protection and surface protection products